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This is the latest published newsletter.
March 2024. Vol, 54 No.12

Meeting Schedule
Meetings are the third Thursday, every month at 7pm.

Meeting Place
Jameson’s Pub 2755 Black Rd, Joliet

!!! Snow Scoop !!!

**Club Newsletter **

Note from the Co-Presidents
Tulips in the garden
Tulips in the park
But the tulips I like best
Are two lips in the dark

This was the little poem my stepmom would always say when she saw the first tulips blooming in the spring. Silly, I know, but it always makes me smile! Hopefully we all are getting outside to enjoy some of the beautiful spring flowers. Make sure to note the date change for our May meeting. It will be the second Thursday of the month( May 9) due to the availability of the back room at Jameson’s. I’m so happy we continue to have a great turnout for our monthly meetings even though ski season is over. I guess besides skiing together we also just like to gather together to catch up! Who knew!
Our annual picnic is scheduled for Sunday July 14, 2024 12:30 pm. Save the date. Details to follow in the June newsletter.


Social Events

Has anyone found a nest with blue eggs? We have and of course it’s on the porch light just outside the patio door! It’s now a restricted area, for 4 weeks till bail out time!!
The Spring and Summer activities are starting. Here are some for you to check out.

May 1-Meet and Eat at La Mex, 6 PM please RSVP to me.
May 1 thru May 3-downtown in Morris from 4-8 PM, there will be a Cinco de Mayo night, with food trucks, Margarita’s, and stores open. Sounds like a good time!
May 4-is Kentucky Derby day! . We will again host a party , starting at 4:00. Please bring an appetizer or dish to share. BYOB and RSVP.
May 10-First Slammers game⚾ : Doors open at 5:35 game at 6:35. Planning on sitting in section 104. You can reserve your tickets for will call by calling
815-722-2287 or on line at Maybe the new owner Bill Murray will be there??
May 10-Rooftop concerts begin. Doors open at 6:15, music at 7:00. You can reserve tables and order food ahead of the concert. 815-723-5201.
* May 10 Cadillac Groove
* May 24 The Buzzbins
Rialto: Check out their up coming schedule. It’s looking pretty full.
* May 22- Bob Seger tribute band at 7:30. You can purchase tickets at the box office with no added fees. Even the night of the concert. The schedule for the Rialto has many more events. Check it out.

Social directors, Annette and John

Joliet Ski Club Member Stories

Members Out and About

Another Banff Report
The Banff trip was better than we could’ve expected. It was an experience of a lifetime. Jan, Karen, Jurate, and Leslie joined the other skiers in our Joliet Ski Club and were immersed in a week long winter wonderland with a total of 170 CMSC Chicago area skiers. This was our second winter tour of Banff. We had a fabulous time in
2020 when our Joliet Ski Club took us there. This year’s trip was a bit different as the weather was milder. Also, this year we joined several gatherings during the week along with skiing on our own at the Sunshine resort. Leslie and Jan signed up for a group lesson on Tuesday. Due to the weather conditions we were the only ones, so the lesson became a private one for Leslie and Jan. Amelia from New Zealand worked with Leslie to help her become a confident Green Zone skier in two and a half hours. Meanwhile Karen and Jurate took advantage of the Discovery tours. They viewed and photographed numerous Elk along the Bow River and Stone Sheep along the roadways. The Fairmont Hotel was palatial, immense, and gorgeous narrated by a young tour guide from Australia. Leslie, Karen, and Jurate hiked the Grotto along ice covered trails for a four mile trek in newly fallen snow. Leslie got to try out snow shoes in deep snow over ice. The rest wore ice cleats. They passed along huge rock walls where some had native writings and arrived at ice falls at the Grotto where they observed ice climbers scaling the frozen falls. In 2020 where the days consisted of below zero temps cross-country skiers Jurate and Karen were able to ski trails along Lake Louise scurrying ahead of two huge draft horses pulling a sleigh of around 8 people. This year due to daily heavy snowfalls, the trails were not groomed enough to ski, so they hiked Lake Louise and made snow angels in the snow. All of the group of 4 rode the gondola up to the top of Sulphur Mountain and hiked the almost 400 steps to the radio tower and back, then had lunch at the Sky Restaurant there. Included in the trip were many visits to the bars and eateries. Great food and spirits, and lots of shopping, too! Jan and Jurate have enjoyed many summer visits to Banff and Jasper, and these winter trips added another glorious dimension to our experiences there. The various guides and instructors who were from parts of Canada and other countries added interesting tales of their own experiences in the area. All in all, it was a wonderful trip with breath-taking views of the Canadian Rockies wrapped in each day’s generous snowfalls. And we were afforded several hours of sleep at the Denver Airport on our way home to top off an unforgettable time with our Joliet Ski Club!
Sincerely – Jan, Karen, & Jurate

The Westphal’s 2024 Winter Road Trip

This year’s road trip started on 1/17/2024 and ended on 2/19/2024, just a little shy of five weeks. We made excellent use of our IKON ski passes, having skied 16 days! We skied in four different states – Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. Our first ski stop was Jackson Hole, WY, where we met up with 22 members of the Powder Dogs Ski Club.
It took us almost four days to get from Illinois to Wyoming (a 1,365-mile commute), due to one of our travel days being very short because of blizzard and white-out conditions on I-80 through Nebraska. But, we bring our games along, so we know how to have fun at our various overnight hotels! Jackson Hole is a very cool cowboy-type town. We stayed at the 49-er Inn & Suites, where daily round-trip bus service was provided for the 40-minute commute to the ski resort. Unfortunately, we had very low cloud cover for four out of the five days that we skied. Nonetheless, we made the most of it by skiing mid and low-mountain areas. On our day off, a dozen of us visited the National Elk Refuge, located just outside of Jackson. We toured the elk refuge via a horse-drawn sleigh ride with a very knowledgeable tour guide. It was way cool to be amongst these peaceful animals, who have migrated to the refuge to escape the severe cold weather of the higher altitudes. Some stay down at this lower altitude all year-long. Our members from the Powder Dogs flew home on 1/27…while we ventured out via our vehicle to ski stop 2, where we saw two moose crossing the road on our way! Fortunately, we didn’t see any moose on the ski hills…just saying.
Our next ski stop was Sun Valley, ID, just a 240-mile commute from Jackson Hole, WY. On our way, we visited with my friend Sandra and her husband in Idaho Falls, ID. She
and I worked together and met in 1969…back in the day! It’s so nice to stay connected, as we did this on last year’s road trip, also. We stayed in Hailey, ID, just 12 miles south of Sun Valley Ski Resort. We skied two days here and they were two beautiful bluebird days! Sun Valley, however, is quite steep and we felt that their green runs were more like double-blue’s, some blacks. We got quite a workout with the runs being wide and long…so, lots of leg work to slow ourselves down at breakneck speeds! We slept well…but, had a unique situation at our hotel, where we had a beautiful king-size suite with a Jacuzzi tub within the TV-viewing area. We were there four nights, but didn’t get hot water until our final night! They had replaced their hot water heaters the day we arrived, but had problems after the installation, which they said would be fixed by morning…and then the next morning, etc. You might ask, why didn’t you move??…just the inconvenience of a move and sky-high hotel costs if we moved at the last minute caused us to stay. We actually warmed up water in the microwave to use for “bathing” and just pretended that we were camping. We did get to shower after day #2 of skiing. The upside was that we got a 50% reduction on our stay, yeah…but, sadly, didn’t get a chance to use the Jacuzzi tub, unless we had brought our wet suits!

Ski stop #3 was Holladay, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City, a 300-mile commute from Hailey, ID. More low-lying clouds and both of us catching colds and me also a sinus
infection dictated that we take a few days off from skiing. Not what one wants to do with ski hills all around, but something our bodies tell us we have to do. A visit to Quick
Care for me, plus us doing laundry and playing more games passed the time, albeit slowly. Once feeling better, we skied three days in Utah – Snowbasin, Brighton, and
Solitude. We drove up to Snowbasin (near Ogden) and had a beautiful day of skiing with bluebird skies. On our next two days, we took a bus from our hotel (quite convenient) to both Brighton and Solitude. It snowed for both these days, but it gave us practice skiing while it’s snowing out and with low visibility. But, all were winning days!
Ski stop #4 was Colorado, where we travelled to Basalt (a 390-mile commute from Holladay, Utah) and stayed six nights. Here, we skied four days at Snowmass and one day
at Buttermilk. Our absolute favorite place to ski is at Snowmass, with its beautiful, long, blue groomers. We were at Buttermilk on Fat Tuesday and they were roasting many pigs outside on spits for folks to enjoy after skiing. A good time was had by all…before Lent started the next day! While in Colorado, we then drove on to Dillon, where we skied Copper Mountain, another one of our favorite ski spots. Also, while there, we met up with Brent Radomski and girlfriend Carol who were on an extended stay out there, but with the Epic ski pass (skiing different mountains), so we dined and played cards with them. A gourmet trout dinner was served by Brent & Carol…but, don’t ask them about their brownies!
We travelled home from Colorado, starting on 2/17 and arrived at Home-Sweet-Home on 2/19…just in time to unpack, do laundry, and fly to Banff, Alberta, Canada, on 2/24 for the CMSC “Chicago Week” trip. We skied five days up in Canada – at Sunshine, Lake Louise, and Norquay. So, all in all, 21 days of skiing via our IKON pass…makes the cost a real bargain! This was our third year doing our road trip out west. We like it, as we can acclimate to the higher altitudes easier, by skiing at lower elevations first. That’s the plan again for next year. Keep those legs in shape, folks, for skiing next season! It’s a great way to handle winter.

Barb Westphal

CMSC Events

2024 CMSC Trip Seminar is Saturday, May 18, 2024. The club needs to RSVP for this event.
CMSC European Trip 2025 is going to Andermatt-Sedrun, Switzerland January 24 – February 1, 2025. Andermatt-Sedrun is now owned by Vail Resorts.
CMSC Chicago Week 2025 to Jackson Hole, WY is February 22 to March 1, 2025.
For more details checkout the CMSC website at

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Visit the JSC website at and the CMSC website at .