"Meet And Eat"


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Social event for April,  by: Annette and John Ruffner



Greetings from the shelter. Hope you are all well, and stay well. I really don’t have anything at this time, and not sure when I will be able to start planning anything. I’m always open to any suggestions. I am planning on playing golf this summer for sure. So till next month, I hope to have something.
On the lighter side... Kermit says: To heck with toilet paper!
Just bought dryer sheets and my butt smells like lavender and roses, and there is no static electricity...
And by the way, my old butt is, for the first time in 20 years, now... wrinkle free! 


 Any questions you can call your Social director,   Annette R.

Hope you can join us!

Have fun, Be safe, and Enjoy!!!