July News Letter 2020


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Message From the President  by Nowell Newman


Note from the President: 

Happy July everyone! Still no monthly meetings planned yet but we will send out an email when we feel it will be safer to resume. Reminder that club membership renewals are this month.
Please have a safe and wonderful 4th of July. It is a good time to reflect on the independence that we do have and what is going on in our lives and the lives of others.
 Be safe all, Your pres, Noelle.




Social Events by Annette Ruffner

It’s hot, it’s dry, we need snow!! Lol Bet ya never thought I’d say that!!
Well, again there isn’t much going on. Hope you golfers have played a few rounds. We have played Cinder Ridge a couple times. It’s in good shape. Felt good to get out and play.
So... until next month, I’ll finish with a few funny’s.  I don’t mean to brag, but I finished my 14 day diet food supply in 3 hours and 20 minutes.
Kids these days don’t know how easy they have it. When I was young, I had to walk 9 feet through shag carpet to change the TV channel.
I think I’ll just put an “Out of Order” sticker on my forehead and call it a day.
Mask up, stay safe and hope to see you all soon.

!!! Wishing you all safe and healthy days ahead !!!

 Annette, Social Director




From the Editor by Ron Dewey

Memberships expired June 30th, Please renew ASAP.
Applications can be found on the web site. Renew and be part of the fun!

If you do not renew before the October Newsletter is ready to send out, the September Newsletter will be the last one you will receive, until you renew.

The deadline for the August Newsletter is Wednesday, July 22.

 Send articles and pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and put “JSC Newsletter” on the subject line. 

You do not have to wait until the 22nd to send something to me. Editor 

        Memo:   Payments for all Joliet Ski Club trips are taken at all meetings, as we would really love to see you,

or can be mailed to PO Box 2542, Joliet, IL 60434-2542.

Checks made payable to Joliet Ski Club
Note the trip name on the memo line. One trip per check.
Payment may include all in your party. Each Trip must be paid in full one month prior to departure.

Now is the time to make sure your Skis, Board, and boots are ready for the coming ski season.




Editor's Notes !!!

Meetings are canceled until the restaurants and bars open. Elections are also postponed until farther notice. E-mails will be sent once the decisions are made about future meetings and elections. Hopefully all of you are staying safe and are in good health.  Your Editor, Ron


!!! Please Check Details !!!

Details for all CMSC Events and Trips can be found on the CMSC website, www.skicmsc.com .

CMSC has two baseball outing planned. the first is to St. Louis to a Cubs Cardinal game and the second to a White Sox game in Chicago.

The Cubs Trip: CMSC “hit one out of the park” with the 2020 baseball trip July 25 – 26, 2020. We will be going to Busch Stadium in St. Louis for an afternoon game between the Cubs and the Cardinals. This will not be your normal day at the ballpark as we will be hanging out in the all-inclusive “Party Suite” (skybox) in the 200 level with food and drink included. Cost: $413.00 / person  Cancelled

Check CMSC website or Contact Mike Thomas for updated Details.

The White Sox Game: Come join fellow CMSC Clubs to see the Chicago White Sox take on the Kansas City Royals on Saturday September 19, 2020. We will meet at 4:00 pm for a Tailgate party. There will be burgers, hot dogs, brats, soft drinks and water provided. BYOB. The game is at 6:10. The seats are in the left field bleachers. All this for $24.00.
Contact Mike Thomas for tickets: 630-640-5989 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CMSC PICNIC will be Saturday, August 29, 2020.  A final decision has not been made to have, postpone or cancel. An update will be made when available.   

Windy City Ski Show: The show is still scheduled for September 25-27, 2020. Save the date.

Here is the upcoming trip schedule for CMSC. Deposits can be put down on all these trips now. Please see appropriate Trip page on the CMSC website for details.

The 2021 CMSC European Trip will be to Val d'Isere France and Barcelona Spain Jan 22-Feb 2, 2021

Chicago Week 2021 will be to Mammoth Feb 27-Mar 6 2021
Spring Fling will be South Lake Tahoe April 7-12 2021

Although CMSC could not hold a public Chicago Week bid meeting due to Covid-19 restrictions,

the CMSC board is still hard at work. Due to confidentiality of bids they could not email them. A small committee was put together of CMSC Chicago Week experts to make the decision this year. Hopefully next year will be back to normal.
The committee has chosen Telluride for Chicago Week 2022 Feb 26-Mar 5 2022.
Check out the CMSC website: www.skicmsc.com.



Chicago Week Trip 2021

February 27 to March 6, 2021

 CMSC website:  www.skicmsc.com


Seven nights lodging in hotel or condo properties, Roundtrip Air, & Bus, Five-day lift ticket, sixth available
Welcome Reception, Two Après Ski Parties, Mountain Tours, Mountain Lunch NASTAR Race, Pub Crawl, Dinner Banquet, and CMSC Credentials  Also Available Options Travel Insurance

JUNIPER SPRINGS CONDOS ski in/ out right next to Eagle Lodge and 6 pack lift, ski school, rentals. Condo will require 4 or 6 persons per unit, on bus route to town and other parts of mountain. Two outdoor pools, six hot tubs, full kitchen, laundry on site, fitness center.

MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN INN walking distance to Panorama Gondola, chair 1 and 11. Restaurant on site with bar, heated outdoor pool and two hot tubs, plus one indoor tub. General store onsite, fitness center. On bus route, short walk to Main Lodge, cafeteria, and Yodler Diner.

MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN is 7,953 above sea level at base, 11,053 at top. 3,500 skiable acres, 151 trails – 25% green, 40% blue, 20% black, 15% double-black, 3 gondolas, 23 chairs ( 11 high speed ) 400 average inches of snow. Yes, we got 95 inches of that amount on our last trip!

Covid19 / Pandemic cancellation policies to follow when received.
Final date to cancel with no penalties 1 November 2020.

Price per adult ( 64 or less ) at Mammoth Mountain Inn - $2005,  Price per adult ( 65- 79 ) at Mammoth Mountain Inn $1920
Price for adult with IKON Pass $ 1650, IKON & own transport $1150. 

Payment Schedule:

Deposit $ 400 puts you on list
Second Payment $ 400 due September 17, 2020 Third Payment $ 400 due October 15, 2020 Fourth Payment $ 400 due November 19, 2020 Balance $$ due December 17, 2020

Make Checks out to Joliet Ski Club
Trip Coordinator with CMSC: Jim Boisso, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Information on other CMSC trips to publish in future newsletters



Board Elections and Changes to the Constitution and Bylaws.

The election of the Executive Board and voting on changes to the Constitution, Bylaws, and policy changes have been postponed. Election information is listed below. An e-mail will be sent when more is known.

The nominations committee reported that the slate of candidates this year is the same as last year except for weekend trip leader which Andrew Chemers has agreed to fill and treasurer which they are still looking to fill.

Changes to the Constitution, Bylaws and Policy up for voting:

Full and Associate Membership fees:
Flat fee changed to: 20.00 per adult per weekend, over-night and day trip
Add wording to clarify: For week trips, must be a full member
Sign up for a Midwest trip get your 1st year full membership free; 2nd year you must be a member.

Not sure if this needs to be voted on so adding just in case:
Incentives: A bonus for coming to a meeting and getting people in the door. 1st time at a meeting free drink ticket for draft beer or wine, 2nd meeting on your own. Bring a friend, loved one, neighbor, etc. to a meeting you (member) and that person (non-member) get a free drink ticket.

Specific Constitution changes:  Eliminate day trip leader

As written in the constitution:
Sub Section 8: Trip Chairmen/Three (Week, Week-end & Day): The trip chairman shall develop the trip schedule for the ski season including lodging (where needed) and transportation cost showing the total and unit breakout of the costs. The Trip Chairman shall appoint the Trip Leaders who will be responsible for each trip for the Club.

Would propose to change to:

Sub Section 8: Trip Chairmen/Two (Week, and Weekend/overnight/day trip leader):
The trip chairman shall develop the trip schedule for the ski season including lodging (where needed) and transportation cost showing the total and unit breakout of the costs. The Trip Chairman, aka trip leader, will be responsible for each trip for the Club. There will be two trip leaders, one for the week trips and 1 for weekend/overnight/day trips.

Eliminate Sergeant of Arms by rolling into Membership Chairman duties

As written in the constitution:
Sub Section 7: Membership Chairman:
The membership Chairman shall collect membership dues, maintain proper records of the membership and provide copies of said records to the proper Officers.
Section B: Sergeant at Arm: A Sergeant at Arms may be appointed by the Executive Committee. His/her duties are to assist the Officers in keeping order and to help the Membership Chairman determine that all persons at business meetings or activities are members or guests. He/she may keep and maintain all Club properties.

Would propose to change to:

Sub Section 7: Membership Chairman: The membership Chairman shall collect membership dues, maintain proper records of the membership and provide copies of said records to the proper Officers. Will assist the Officers in keeping order at general meetings. He/she will keep and maintain all Club properties, including club flag or other paraphernalia of the club.




Club Member's Notes !!! 

Let's go Skiing by Andrew Chemer

 I am looking to split the cost of gas on non-club trips this season. My hit list includes two trips to Brule, a couple trips to the Boynes, and hoping Lutsen and/or Mt. Bohemia. My typical trip looks like this: leave after work on Friday, ski all day Saturday, ski most of the day Sunday, leave hill, home late Sunday night. Due to the distance of Lutsen or Bohemia, I would probably add a day and either leave Thursday night or come home on Monday. I am also looking to do a week out west in March. I am thinking Big Sky or Jackson Hole. I could very easily be persuaded to do Steamboat or Deer Valley, however. This is ski bumming at its finest. Parking lot slumming, but with heat, running water, a kitchen, and one of the multiple beds. More luxurious than you are thinking. Truly skiing on the cheap. I get about 10mpg (you do the math), burn about $15 in propane for a weekend, and bring all my own food/drinks. I don't care what you do though. My "guests" are eligible for 25% window rate lift tickets at Ikon resorts. I take all possible Covid precautions and will continue to do so as long as recommended. First chair up, ski in - ski out accommodations. Can't be beat! First pic is from Boyne Mountain last season, literally "out my back door." Second pic is somewhere in Colorado. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you know ANYONE, non-club member included, that could potentially be interested, please forward my contact info along.

Trip Leader:  Andrew C.



Social Distancing and Staying at Home a little less  by Ron Dewey

Well, I have been getting out pedaling my bike. Most rides are still short between 22 and 32 miles at an easy pace. Tried take out food after some of the rides. Actually, as much as I like cooking, it is nice not cooking every meal, especially after a ride. My last ride was a little tough, with high humidity and heat index. I was not the leader, who decided to do a different route than usual which was longer than it should of been. I made it home, but let us say next time I will know better.
Another interesting thing that happened was stopping to get gas for the first time in three an a half months. Upon opening the door to the gas cap there was a wasp nest by the cap with about a dozen wasps waiting for me to reach for the gas cap. Surprise! I look around for anything I might be able to use to fix this problem. I then saw the window washing tool. I used the stick end of the tool to knock the nest out, and then hit it away from the car using the sponge end like a putter. I was also surprised to see the wasps follow the nest. Sorry, no pictures.

Ron Dewey    




We have found a place to get t-shirts, sweatshirts etc! BIG FROG of Shorewood. at 1141 Brook Forest in Shorewood, right behind Portillos. They have numerous styles to choose from. Custom T-shirts shop for members to order shirts. Shirts can be purchased individually; from what they have in the store or they can also be ordered from a catalog. – we don't need a minimum order. They have our new logo on file – just go in and choose a shirt and decide where and how big you want the logo. Turn around time is usually 24 hours. Trot on over and see what you can find. Let's advertise our Club by wearing JSC shirts!




This, That, and Whatever I Can Use to Fill the Space Below by Ron Dewey:

June has 1 club members that have a Birthday, so say Happy Birthday to them this month !!!

The deadline for the August newsletter is Wednesday, July 22nd. 

On the Website there is a new area called "For Sale". Anyone can list things they want to sell. For details and information, on the website, place the curser over EVENTS, then find "!!!! For Sale !!!!" under Social Meetings. If your looking to buy you may find it there.


Normal Schedule:
Knights of Columbus on Infantry Drive south of Jefferson Street in Joliet at 7PM