2020 Membership Application / Waiver

JULY 2020                                                      WWW.JOLIETSKICLUB.ORG                                                       Vol 47 No.1   

Joliet Ski Club
Full Membership Application and Waiver

P.O.Box 2542, Joliet IL 60434-2542

$30 per adult. Bring to a meeting or Mail the application and payment to the above address
Membership year July 1, ________ to June 30, ________.
(    )  Check here if no info has changed as of last year's membership. ***These fleids must be filled out if this box is checked.

***Name ________________________________________________________________Date of Birth _____-_____-_____
Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________
City __________________________________________________State __________________Zip Code _______________
E-Mail Address ________________________________________________________________________________________

Your monthly newsletter will be sent to this e-mail address. If you wish to have the newsletter sent to you through the United States Postal Service for an additional fee of $10 check here. |____|

Home Phone __________________________________ Work Phone _____________________________________________
(Note: Your address and phone numbers will be used only for club records and correspondence.)

Children under 21 ( natural, adopted, or assigned guardianship):

  1. ________________________________________________________________________ Date of birth___________-_______-_______
  2. ________________________________________________________________________ Date of birth___________-_______-_______ 
  3. ________________________________________________________________________ Date of birth___________-_______-_______

I apply for membership in the Joliet Ski Club and pledge that, if accepted, I will abide by the Constitution, By-Laws, and Ski Club policies to conduct myself in a socially accepted manner and to assist the officers and members in accomplishing the objectives stated in Article II of the Joliet Ski Club Constitution to the best of my ability.
Also, I hereby agree to release and waive any rights, damages or recovery for my loss, including but not limited to, any bodily injury, death, loss of income or disability which may arise out of an activity, accident or loss of equipment which I sustain as a result of any club activity.
Written Joliet Ski Club policies are posted and available from any board member. The constitution and by-laws are available from the club president.

***______________________________________________________________________________ Date ___________-_____-_____
Applicant's Signature (Required yearly for each member)

_________________________________________________________________________________ Date ___________-_____-_____                                                        Membership Director's Signature

If referred by a member please name the member ___________________________________________________________________________
Optional Member Survey
  • I heard about the Joliet Ski Club from______________________________________________________________________________
  • I joined the Joliet Ski Club because _______________________________________________________________________________
  • Do you ski, snow board or both?____________________________________________________________________________________
  • My favorite area or resort is _____________________________________________________________________________________
  • Someday I would like to ski/snow board ____________________________________________________________________________
  • You can identify me on the slopes by my ___________________________________________________________________________
(  )Check this box if you agree to allow us to use this information and pictures from JSC trips and events in the newsletter and on any or 
all social media outlets. This will include any and all family members. This permission can be revoked at any time if notified in writing first.
If at any time there are certain events you do not agree to permission notify the event leader.

Form adopted 07-2020