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Joliet Ski Club !!!

Trip Policy

Knowing the Information

Contained on this page is important information. If you plan on going on a ski trip with the Joliet Ski Club.


Membership Fees

All persons at least 21 years of age must be a full member of the club to register for a week long trip. And they must be a full member or an associate member of the club to register for a Day/Overnight Trip or a Weekend Trip. Children under 21 may go on trips if accompanied by a responsible member or associate member. Children under 21 are not required to pay any membership fees as the club constitution requires members to be at least 21 years of age.

  1. Dues for a full membership is $30 a year.
  2. dues for an associate member registering for day/overnight trip is $10 per trip.
  3. Dues for an associate member registering for a weekend trip is $20 per trip.
  4. Membership fees must be paid with a separate payment.

Behavior While on Club Trip
Members, Associate Members, and Guess while on the Joliet Ski Club Trip!

  1. Are expected to cooperate with the trip leader, and club officers.
  2. Are responsible for any children they bring on a trip.
  3. Are not to behave in such a way as to bring embarrassment to the club or officers.
  4. After repeated or severe missed behavior may be banned from future trips.
  5. After overt or criminal behavior may be expelled immediately from a trip.

Registering for a trip and making payments

Before a trip is open for registration details, trip fee, and schedule of payments will be published in the newsletter and on the website. Trips will also be detailed at all club meetings.

  1. Trips are not open until the first meeting after publication.
  2. Only for members, including accompanying minors, are allowed to register until the beginning of the second meeting after the trip opens.
  3. Associate members, including accompanying minors, are allowed to register after the end of the second meeting after the trip opens.
  4. Trip leaders can collect your membership forms and fees and should do so for associate members. Membership fee you shall be paid with a separate check.
  5. Once you have paid your membership fees you may register for the trip by giving the trip leader a deposit for each person you are registering. You will be requested to give an emergency contact.
  6. Each trip payment is to be made using a check for that trip only with the trip indicated on the check. More than one person on the same trip can be paid with that check.
  7. A payment schedule is provided and must be followed when making minimum payments. You can always pay more than the minimum, but the trip should be paid in full when the final payment is due. Missing payments may cause you to lose your spot.
  8. If a trip is full, a waiting list will be started with no money due until you get a spot.
  9. Cash is accepted, but checks are preferred.

Transportation and lodging

All trips involve some type of transportation. You should know that sometimes ground packages can be arranged under certain circumstances and you can arrange your own transportation. This could be more expensive. If you have a need for this, ask the trip leader.

A few other things to know.

  1. When the club arranges for a local airport shuttle and you sign-up for this and then cancel, the fee is not refundable.
  2. When bus transportation is used for the trip, the seating is first come first serve. Even so, please allow families to sit close to one another if they wish.
  3. The club has no control over airline seating. If you want to change your seat, you must pay the fee, if any.
  4. Lodging arrangements are determined by the trip leader. However, talk to them and they will try to work with you to meet your rooming needs.
  5. If you request a single room, you will be charged a single supplement.
  6. If you request anything for your room that the club did not agree to pay for, you are responsible for any extra charges.

Refunds and reimbursements

Once the payments that are made for the trips are remitted to the treasurer, those funds become part of the treasury and, except for the contractual obligations, can only be paid out with the approval of the Executive Committee.

  1. All refunds and reimbursements for a trip will not be paid out of the treasury until after the trip returns, any payments owed to or owed by the club for the trip have been paid, and the Executive Committee has approved them.
  2. A refund for a cancellation, for any reason, will be reduced by a penalty of $10 for a day/overnight trip, $20 for a weekend trip, and $30 for a week trip. In addition to this, any loss to the club, caused by the cancellation, will be deducted from the refund. Also, see item #1 in this section.
  3. Transfers from one trip to another can be made without a penalty if the trip that the transfer is made from has a waiting list, it will not cost the club money, and the trip being transferred to is not full. Otherwise it is considered a cancellation. Transfers and refunds can be made as soon as they are approved by the Executive Committee in the above case or if a trip is canceled by the club.
  4. Refunds of a surplus of funds for a trip will not be made unless there are at least $15 per person and have been approved by the Executive Committee. A surplus of funds is the difference between the funds collected for the trip at the published fee minus the expenses of the trip. Also, see item #1 in this section.
  5. Refunds for over payments to a trip will be made as soon as possible for the amount actually over paid once discovered, calculated and approved by the Executive Committee. And overpayment is when a member has paid more than the publish fee for a trip without an added benefit.

    Adopted by, Joliet Ski Club Board.. 06/14.